Right 2 Dream Too


Right 2 Dream Too
believes people experiencing homelessness
are experts at surviving on the street,
are capable of providing essential peer support.
“Community-built” is the secret of R2DToo.

Mike Wright offered his city center land.
R2DToo wanted to put up a fence.

The City said, “No digging,
there’s an archeological hold on the land.”
“Yaa…so they found a piece of glass.”
Recycled doors were installed accordion-style
graced with a hundred dollars in paint
“to be seen, noticed and enjoyed by all.”
The City next debated camping:
“recreational” camping and “survival” camping.
Recreational, a business, is legal;
survival, a necessity, illegal.
“…do not sit or lie.”

People of poverty can be trapped in poverty.2014R2D2_Sept_5
Try a job interview hauling a pack on your back.
Go to work with your shopping cart in tow.
Do private necessities in public.
Poverty people need a place to rest their head,
need a space to be safe, resourceful,
need opportunity to focus on basics: self-discipline, trust,
connectivity, the Earth, nutrition, appreciation for work,
creativity, respect, reflection, “chop wood, carry water.”


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