Sunday night. 12:30 am.
Martice On Duty.


“All very quiet — cool.
That’s the way things should be around here.
Let’s all just get along.
“Rounds made.
Village is still quiet,
nothing to report.
It must be the breezy cool weather
keeping everyone sedate.
Whitefoot On Duty
2:17 pm.
“Rounded NE corner of Security Shack,
heard some shouting towards north end of Village.
By the time I got to the general locale
of what sounded like a disturbance
everything abruptly settled down.
Turmoil is hovering in the air,
but presently it appears to be gradually dissipating.
Other than these intermittent threats of strife
all is relatively well to a degree.
No hostile action in the so-called ‘DMZ’.
Nothing to report at this time.”


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