December 2013
OpportUNITY Village Eugene (OVE)

“We had nothing; except we knew we could.
…approvals and scaled architect’s models
aren’t village…plywood and 2x4s aren’t
OpportUNITY Village — yet,” Alex talking,
handing me Village Agreements, “OVE’s
muscular documents we evolved from
Dignity Village and Right 2 Dream Too.”

“I will be a positive memberof this community
and contribute toward making ita safe, secure,
clean and pleasant place to live. Therefore I agree:

In a citizens’ democracy such documents
are worth our acquaintance:

“No violence
to myself or others.

No theft.

No alcohol,
illegal drugs,
or drug

No persistent,

Everyone must
contribute to
the operation and
of the Village.








“What I do will be based on love
and respect for myself and others.
We can work together
to figure things out.”

OVE is a transitional village providing a safe, secure place for those without housing.

…a self-governing community based upon five basic rules.

…where all have the right to earn dignity and opportunity.


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