Eugene Medford and Ashland

The who, what, when, where
of travels with curious poverty.

Brandy M—curious about siting for homeless villages,
Cathy S, Brandy’s mom—curious about property management,
and Dignity ex-CEO Dave S, addictively curious.

To Eugene, Medford and Ashland, Oregon the last week of November 2012
collecting survey maps, code and zoning restrictions, legals;
visiting potential Village sites—a shooting range (toxic lead clean-up required),
a run-down garden/farm (grunt labor desired);
meeting a mayor, career bureaucrats elected officials,—and visionaries …which brings us to Finn Po and “Tiny Life Industries” inventive structures and to Rob B, activist contractor, city councilman and his handmade-digester,
biogas-fired BBQ.


Visions inspiring “how” meditations:

Back in Dignity,
alumni of street life
“The willingness of grateful people.”



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