Jon Boy’s quik Village fcts:


“The Village happened at the right time:
the Portland City Council,
the location,
potential inhabitants –
all energized to happen,
to succeed.

“First, tents on plywood on top of pallets.


You couldn’t imagine the rats.
Rats everywhere…
It was impossible.
The pile of dead rats was
six feet in diameter and three feet high,
but we overcame.

“On this 125′ x 294′ piece of asphalt
we built 42 homes
with recycled building materials,
about twenty bucks a square foot.
Each on its 20′ x 20′ lot.
Each no taller than 13′ 6”
which means ‘portable’
and 18 ‘cat-accessible inches’
above the asphalt
which means no rats…

“Zoned as ‘campground’,
code compliant and
fire marshal inspected,
sixty, plus or minus inhabitants,
no background check required
‘Old time is no crime’,
self-govern with bylaws
birthed from consultations with
the U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution,
the UN Bill of Rights,
the Talmud,
the Bible and
the Koran

…it was impossible.
It was absolutely impossible,
but WE DID IT.”


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