Five Saturdays – 1st Saturday




27 April 2013

Within sky’s immense freedom
acrobatic black dots
climb, dive, glide Into nearness.
A pair of courting bald eagles.
It is Saturday.

Without script or intention,
by the wandering path of coincidence
and out of Dignity Village’s organizational chaos
this collection of five Saturdays,
records the birthing
of a self-governing community by a poverty population.

Self selected, self governed,
selfish and selfless, lurching forward
freighted with poverty, hopes of happiness
and the occasionally serendipitous.

Follow the action:
…the world’s first city-sanctioned
homeless encampment
…two Danish lady-anthropologists
from University of Copenhagen,
…His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,
…the Larson Legacy workshops,
…and, of course, the Villages themselves.

Scott’s outside-inside guided tour
engages a visiting JOIN group’s
questions and curiosities about
Dignity Village, about self-government,
about the Village’s
Five Basic Rules,
about street life,
cardboard bedding

At the greenhouse
the inquiring Danish lady-anthropologists
stow questions and recorder
and dig, divide and tuck into bed
donated strawberry, tomato, cabbage
squash, cucumber and celery starts.

Bearing gifts of insulation and sheetrock,
volunteers from Home Depot
join carpentry-skilled Villagers .
to insulate and sheetrock two village homes.

Dave M grilled up burgers



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