Tami’s thoughts organize:
“It takes me a few minutes
to get my brain inside my head.”

Michelle, a Villager, and I attend,


“When you come out
you realize what hasn’t happened.
It’s the muscles that learn to breathe.
that organ, the lung doesn’t breathe.
…it’s a whole library
I’m trying to understand.

“I’m changing.
I’m still a negotiation
just being myself.
…there’s a whole bunch going on.

“What the hell is going on?

“Trying to figure out
how to get absolutely perfect.
It’s a simple motivation.

“…and yesterday matters,
I haven’t figured out how to go back in time
and then to go camping.
At night.

“Without somebody coming up to you
grab you, pull up
and you’re five steps away from being safe.
We all must be safe
and that includes every life on the planet.

“…and that’s important:
when trees are gone we’ll suffocate.
Trees give oxygen.
Without oxygen it is impossible to survive
…it hurts, the pain is severe and then you die.
I just want everyone to be alright.

“You could go back
and re-plan it
to find paradise for everyone
and nobody’s upset
because paradise is so cool.

“To be wild and still be calm,
…that’s liberation.

“…to become light
and be so connected you are everything,
…that’s paradise.

“…my head is said to be legally impossible.”




Michelle smiles to me,
…”We take care of our sage.”



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