Ptery’s personal vantage puts
“The American Dream” under scrutiny,
thoughtful, heartfelt scrutiny.


You wouldn’t have to worry about basic necessities.
You would gain your money by doing stuff you love.
You wouldn’t feel the need to impress.
You would learn cooperation.
Kids would play in the dirt
learning thinking and building skills,
with encouragement
for curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.

Dignity Village is in the right direction,
limited and slowly, but in the right direction.


“I’m leery about jumping back
to mass media frenzies, the greed momentum,
corporation-inspired propaganda,
relentless marketing
and our habit of forgetting about the earth.
I fear losing what I’ve gained:
humility, facility and humanity.
‘Homeless’, for now just feels better.
I have the self-discipline
to place the ‘system’ in denial.
The momentum to be ‘lazy’,
to increase positivity,
to be without anger,
to walk in trees and on grass,
to love and cherish friends and family
and a broad on-line spectrum.

“The dream is kinda far, far away for many.
People hurt. People are angry.
People have lost their adult sense
of cultural continuity.
It isn’t in their minds that earth
has any relationship to them.

People are not advised to think.

We grew up in right angles,
in houses, on streets, in cities.
I grew up in a military family
in an alcohol home.
I need to change.
I need to leave so much behind.
I watch and learn

“But to enrich ‘The American Dream’
could I add a spiritual circle
with specific communication and ritual
about us in the balance of Nature
…and nations?”


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