Security Log: November 2010

It is Tuesday, 8 am. Temp 25 and clear.
Melissa and Mike M on duty.


8:50 am
“Rounds. No one doing anything stupid.”

9:15 am
“Rounds. No one doing anything stupid yet.”

9:30 am
“No dead bodies. No one’s killed anyone.”

9:45 am
“Rounds. Very impressed that the Village
went 2 whole hours without doing anything stupid.”

10:00 am
‘“Mike M off duty. Melissa staying on.”

It is Thursday noon.
Dean on duty.


1 pm
Brad II brings the last available roll of T.P.
to security shack
so that Villagers in need
may have use, then return it,
and so
no individual takes it all.
The Last Roll, Guys!

1:30 pm

1:45 pm
“Heads-up, Mary and Ruthie. Thanks.”

2:00 pm
“Dean off duty.”


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