January 2014 Building OpportUNITY Village

“Natural abilities collect in a location.”
In a dry and vacant warehouse
lumber is crafted into panels.

Parties of volunteers assemble
onsite stacks of panels into structures,
“Cooperating abilities create community.”

With intention, early vetting
of couples and single women
gave key administrative and
governance responsibility to
OpportUNITY Village women.

Residents govern by elected
five person Village Council.
Guidance available from the
six member, non-profit
Board with veto power.

Alex Daniell in 2012 focused
his organizational, political
and construction abilities to
co-found a micro-business
with affordable villages the
mission and OVE the model:
Backyard Bungalows
18 solid wall structures: dwellings, kitchen,
entry office, bath house, and outdoor grill.
Shop built panels, volunteer onsite assembly
4 designs under 100 sq. ft. $1,282.15 each.
Eighteen structures..Total $23,078.75

Eric deBohr and Fay Carter
Conestoga Huts
were quickly
permitted for St. Vincent de Paul’s
car camper program which allows
homeless to sleep in their cars in
business and church parking lots.
Community Supported Shelters
9 Conestoga Huts: vinyl-sheathed,
insulated shelters $1,060.03 each.
Nine huts..Total $9,540.27

Ted Drummond, an experienced,
multi-skilled leader in Eugene’s
First Christian Church annual
house-building Mission to Mexico
and Backyard Bungalows co-founder
put up OVE’s heated 30-foot
Yurt w/pellet stove, tent..Total $18,794.87

Andy Heben, one of three co-founders
of Backyard Bungalows and author of
OVE’s site design and Village Manual.
City of Eugene fees and Permits
Conditional Use Permit $6,797.24
Sites and Structures Permit $568.40
Plumbing Permit $185.56
Electrical Hookup $753
Storm Water Fee $160.00
Sites and Structures Permit $359.36
Yurt Permit $271.56
City of Eugene…Total $9,094.82
501-C3, Bond, Insurance, Administration
Legal, accounting, Federal Government.
various entities…………….’Total $9,961.

Quiet moments in beauty.
Perhaps startling moments
feeling our limitations,
chosen or imposed,
gently lift away.
All paths beginning at our feet.
Paths to create an economy
that values healthy communities
over extreme inequity.
Paths of Dignity, of Unity,
of desire.
The question is,
Do we have the will?
The answer is
How we care for each other.

Welcome Kindness.
Welcome Opportunity.
Welcome Equality.


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