Attitudes and Perspective

Shadowy gestures animate the veil of light
that fills Jeff’s cabin with grey-blue air.
Amid the pleasures of conversation
we are discovering things we didn’t know we knew.
Jeff’s cell phone records all, while my pen captures
essential words for crafting the ideas.

Jeff shares personal history
and defines the spirit of Dignity Village.

“I grew up in Catholic history;
attitudes and perspective.
I didn’t understand and wasn’t understood,
but adhered to the rules
‘til my teen rebellion against all ‘isms’.
Then focusing agreeable communicative humor
for a want, a need, a desire
to become one within a greater One.”

“The birth of this place was to facilitate life.
The original vision to respond to
the unique requirements of a poverty community.

The door opens.
A Villager smiles,
backs away closing the door.
Jeff’s 24/7 availability for non-judgemental listening.

“A Village of clarity, charity and education
for the people passing through.”

“Separateness is the tragedy.
Undercurrents from human interactions
not being dealt with.
The physical realm a can of sardines
and the sardines in the can are bickering.

Ask about the purpose of the Village?
The Village experience needs a paradigm shift.
Homeless come out of a muddy puddle
and need a whole new shining…Enlightenment.”

I ask Jeff for the ‘what’ details.
He responds with a list of classes, workshops:

“sensing not being separate”
“communicating with authentic connection”
“quelling of emergent fires”
“self-awareness — honest, trusting”
“participate in creativity”
“opportunities to trade talents for dollars.”

Attitudes and perspective?                                              “Yes, attitudes and perspective.”


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