Noon. “Mitch and Dean minding their own business…!!
the Security business that is!”

12:30 “1st round…Drama free.”

1:00 “2nd round…NICE.”

1:30 “3rd round…Shenanagin free.”

2:00 “Mitch and Dean out.”

Midnight “Mitch and Dean together…again.”

12:30 a.m. “1st round Warming outside – things are well.”DV--Feb-3

1:00 a.m. “2nd round Freak’n fine.”

1:30 a.m. “3rd round Looks good.”

1:45 a.m. “Heads up to Ruth.”

2:00 a.m. ”Mitch and Dean finish shift.”


10:00 p.m. “Chris and Sam on duty.
Partial BLR. Chris on rounds. Gate closed.
Per Nancy as long as there are no complaints
generators can stay on til 12 mid. All else good.”

10:05 p.m. “Martice came onto guard shack porch,
obviously upset. Sam and I tried to speak tp her.
Josh tried to speak to her and she flipped out.
Martice-5Nancy, Brian M and JD arrived. Martice started
screaming and cussing at Nancy. Nancy told her
that she has a 24-hours out. She is talking to JD
out on the sidewalk.”

10:31 p.m. “Called police Non-Emergency per
Nancy Motac (CEO), to come pick-up Martice.”

10:35 p.m. “Sam on rounds — Martice inside structure
yelling; all else good.”

10:48 p.m. “Police arrived: Car # 1153 and Car # 1166.”Martice-4

11:00 p.m. “Sam on rounds — all good.”



December-5911:00 p.m. “I, Nancy Motaz as Chairman of Board & both
Security Coordinators dealing with a situation at hand
as stated above. Myself & JD Security Coordinator
approached the two Portland police officers who
responded to our call to have Martice escorted off the
property. We got no assistance from the Police when we
told them she may cause harm to herself & maybe others.
They told us unless she actually harmed herself or others
they could not come in and remove her from her structure
or property even after being issued a 24 hour out after
showing aggressive behavior. ‘Good cop bad cop.’
One even said we were wasting his/their time.

After they left we continued hearing banging noises from Martice’s structure.

(signed) Nancy Motaz, Chairman of the Board
JD, Sam, Brian”

11:45 p.m. “No H/U needed for Thomas & Margaret.”

12 Mid. “Chris & Sam off duty.”

0001 “Hunters on duty BLR

0030 “Rounds – Code 4. Sherrie N called the guard shack
complaining about Mary R. slamming her door.
Sherrie is heavily medicated due to surgery earlier today and
needs her Rest..”


0100 “Rounds – Code 4”

0130 “Rounds – Code 4”

0200 “Rounds – Code 4”

0230 “Rounds – Code 4”



0300 “Rounds – Code 4”

0330 “Rounds – Code 4”

0345 “Rounds – Code 4”

0400 “Hunters off duty.”


Martice-114:00 a.m. “Brian M on shift (working for Eric) w/Dylan. During shift change I was told that Jen and Dylan had been kind of loud, fighting. After further research I found that, yes they had a small argument but the noise was coming from Martice being at Brian K‘s structure. (Martice had been given a 24 out by Nancy and JD along with myself.)
Everything said and done she was not to leave her structure except specifically for use of the Portaletts
then return. This was not followed.”


11:10 p.m. “Martice called Guard Shack because
someone told her that her dog was barking and
music too loud. Did not give their name. Jen P
and Mary T called in to say that it is too loud by
the Commons, so I told the group to be quieter.”

12:05 a.m. “Thomas came to Guard Shack
asking for ambulance to be called. Called 911
Thomas said he had seizure & also heart attack.”

12:15 a.m. “AMR Unit M-315 arrived at 12:10 a.m.
Unit 643 Paramedic currently working on Thomas
in ambulance on tarmac. Board officers were notified.
On scene: CEO Nancy Mottaz, Security Brian Mottaz,
VIC Josh, Brad G, Eric N and myself were immediate
to respond to Thomas.”

12:20 a.m. “AMR transporting Thomas to hospital

DV-Feb-572:00 a.m. “Jen D on duty. BLR.
Holy cow it’s windy outside.”

2:10 a.m. “Well this is crazy. The power
went out and that wind thing is going NUTS.”

2:30 a.m. “Rounds. Good but really windy.
Power came back on at 2:40.”

3:00 a.m. “Rounds good. Wish all the wind would stop.”

3:30 a.m. “Rounds all good. Wind seems to be
waking everybody up.”

4:00 a.m. “Jen D off duty.”

4:00 a.m. “Melissa on duty. BLR
You people need to start minding your own business.
Stay the hell out of mine.”

December-504:30 a.m. “Rounds quiet. You all need to look at
what I write in the bitch book.”

5:00 a.m. “Rounds are so darn peaceful.”

6:00 a.m. “Melissa off duty.”


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