Ed K’s Microbusiness Firewood

In the Village
there is one,
perhaps only one
authentic, certifiable relic.
Ii is a Donation Shack reject.

Won’t work.


The scrap yard Compactor.

The challenge seduced Ed K.
He reimagined and fabricated missing parts.
He replaced or cleaned filters and spark plug.
He perfects a system for precision chain filing.
He mixes fuel, tops up bar oil and occasionally adjusts
by wrench, by screwdriver restoring cooperation and
appreciation of, and for, this 1980 Super 2 Homelite chainsaw
…and himself.

Resurrection by Ingenious Restoration.

Instant early and late
the starter cord is pulled.
The engine coughs.
The starter cord is pulled.
The engine spits.
The starter cord is pulled,
the engine pops, the saw jumps.
Steadies. The chain idles on the 16” bar.
Ed guides the chain to its place on a log
and Homelite Super 2 goes to work.
Roar silences apprehension and discussion

Large branches and logs scored from Craig’s List
are scouted by bicycle, transpo’d to the Village
by friends with volunteered trucks and sawed
into firewood rounds: Alder, Fir, Oak, Madrone,
willow, fruit woods and “Popular.” (No ‘u’ Ed.
This maritime New Yorker is learning forest Oregon.}
Microbusiness Firewood seems possible.

Splitting maul rhythms with ambiance chainsaw.
Hear here. Firewood making. Listen. Below the roar
and wail of exhausting saw is the soft rustle of fives
and tens and twenties.
The sweet sound of firewood money,
And Ed has a realistic handle for ‘gross’ and ‘net.’
Street-smart skills seldom include axe or splitting maul.
Macho power plus poor aim equals broken handles.
“Sometimes it seems broken handles outpace firewood.”
(Note that Brian K is savaging some old oak 2×4’s
into some ferocious handles.)
Microbusiness Firewood seems probable.

Bring on the wood and let the chips fly.
…money come money come money comes,
$600 – $700 in a cold month.

Microbusiness Firewood is happening
call Dignity Village 503.281.1604

Resurrection by Ingenious Restoration.


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