5th Saturday – 2nd Community Building Workshop

Lee’s heads-up invitational email:.
“This workshop may be very tough.
Huge hope and dreams can be realized
at end of tunnel, but tunnel is cold
and lonely and dark…
light at the end opening
is the beginning of the new.”
It is Saturday

25 May 2013

Sauced chicken breast, steamed broccoli,
lasagne, green salad, Kaiser roll, fruit cup:
a veritable banquet buffet fortifies the forty-plus
at the 2nd Community Building Workshop
It is Saturday.


Skills encouraged
by challenging cooperative physical activities.
Villagers offered
their thoughts, phrases and words.
Lee and Jan helped finesse postings,
condensing lists to their essential core.
A Dignity Village vision statement emerged.
Words to guide actions.


At Dignity Village we are committed to creating and
maintaining a safe productive living environment,
celebrating the diversity of our houseless culture.
We believe, open and honest communication
creates unity, in a substance free environment.

We respect the contributions of each villager
and hold ourselves and each other accountable
through self governance and member participation.

We hold a dream of an independent future
of obtaining liveable land of our own.

Through honoring our past and pursuing our dreams,
we believe Dignity Village will survive and thrive as a model
of world wide acceptance of the unhoused population.

Heading back to Dignity Village
some Villagers select
‘tools of engagement’
from a Larsen Legacy donation.
Ptery takes a shovel,
Mary takes a broom.
These five Saturdays
gifted a defined vision,
the critical tools for success,
and for many, not all, but many,
the momentum
of shared positive enthusiasm.

Self-governing just might become a bit less messy.
and dreams of independence on their own land closer.



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