Security Log: October 2010

It is Friday morning, 8 am
Mike M and Cindy On Duty.


8:15 am
Ben starting to move out.
Will miss not having
to confine vocabulary to one syllable words.”

It is Saturday, 10 am
Larry R on duty.


11:10 am
Tables on the tarmac
freighted with boxes of fresh fruit;
trays of fresh veggies,
coolers of bottled water
and sodas and
a dozen kinds of cookies
and pizzas by the stack
await friends and family
and the public.

“The first of about 60 people
from Hood River Valley High School
have arrived for Pat’s and Paul’s birthday party.”

After meeting and eating,
high school soloists and chorus
with narrator on microphone and music teacher on keyboard
delivered  Les Miserables.

Venue, performance and audience all were applauded…and photographed.
Too bad Victor Hugo couldn’t attend.


Council Meeting called to order
at 6:00 pm


Roll call taken and minutes for last meeting read.

…Old Business: Ken M

Sheri: Reads IR regarding Facebook incident.
Pat: Ken M had a week to take care of medical.
Laura: He sees the same dr. as me.
Paul: Does security have a recommendation or any discussion? Sheri?
Sheri: All I know is he’s a bit off.
Mike M: Stick with previous recommendation.
Laura: Get an opinion of the village.
Brad G: Who thinks there should be more serious consequences?
Paul: What happened affected our supporters. Children come visit.
Paul: What people do outside should never be done here in the village.
Brad G: People have control on what is posted on their sites.
Laura: Children are to be with adults anyway, when they are visiting.
Mike M: You have control of friends, past and other aspects on Facebook.

(Round table discussion)

Brad G motions: 86 (permanent expulsion), 5 days to be moved out. Without further notice.
Pat seconds, 4 YES, 0 NO, 1 Abstain, it passes.
Brian motions, Brad G seconds. Meeting over at 7:00 pm (1 hour)


Removal Notice: Ken M


It is Tuesday, 8 pm
Whitefoot and Tami are On Duty


8 pm
“Damn what a membership meeting,
it was the same old same old.
Yes, it was indeed a half-controlled riot.

8:21 pm
“Rounds made,
my stout hearted ‘head scout Tami’
braced the aftermath of the aforesaid meeting
and reports that both north and south sections
are quiet and peaceful.”


It is Wednesday, 12 pm
Dread On Duty.


1:06 pm
“Fire Marshall told Sheri to go home.
I guess he smelled Booze on her.
Say’d she’d been drinking.
‘Go Home’.”

1:30 pm
“All good.”

4 pm
Mary and Whitefoot On Duty.
“BLR. Damn all this moaning, groaning and bickering.
This continuous sort of crap
is really quite onerous and unsettling.

4:30 pm
“Early rounds made;
the crap has finally settled down for the time being.
But wait until tonight’s Council Meeting.
Presently everything is a semblance
of a brief calm before the storm.”

4:40 pm
“Rounds made; all’s calm and quiet;
I am sure glad that there are no outside people
to eye witness the spectacle of tonght’s meeting.
(I don’t want to be typified!!!}”

4:48 pm
“Rounds made.
Mary says that everything’s Kosher Pickle.
Now is that a Yiddish saying
or some sort of hillbilly talk?
(Trailer trash crap???)”

5:35 pm
“Rounds completed;
all’s well with the exception
of a few overly loud people.
Oh well that’s the norm around here!!!
Head’s up for Martice.”

Council Meeting called to order at 6:01 pm.


Roll call taken and minutes for last meeting read.


Fire Marshal Report read by Brad P.
Brad P appoints Mike M as Sgt at Arms
Sheri: Good news about Walt!
Beckie: Mike W will be picking up coffee from now on. Yeah! Thanks Mike W.

Treasurer’s report:

General Fund: $1670.89
E-Bay: $487.00
Insurance Fund: $555.60
Hot Dog Cart: $0

Bills Paid: $50.00 to Secretary of State for filing fee.
(Round table discussion about taxes)

Paul: Can Rick and Beckie get together and work on taxes?


Melissa: Propane for showers, approximately $60.00 a tank, $120.00 for two tanks.
Paul: Can we get 1 tank?
Beckie: It’s going to be tight.
Melissa: We need to start charging for showers.
Scott: Doesn’t sweat equity count?
Brad P: Don’t take as many showers.
(Round table discussion)
Brad G motions, Scott seconds, 6 YES, 1 NO, 1 Abstain, it passes.
Chris B: Offers to contribute $30.00 or so, for Propane for showers.
Lisa L: Garbage bags and an ax handle
Laura: Ax handles are a good idea.

Paul motions, Ken S seconds to buy an ax handle, 7 YES, 1 NO, it passes.
Lisa C motions, Paul seconds to buy garbage bags, 7 YES, 1 NO, it passes

Chris F: Have Brian look at the ax handles.
Lisa L: Security recommends that who ever is on guard duty has control of coffee pot. Most of the time it’s peoples personal coffee. So please ask before taking a cup.

Pat motions, Lisa C second that we adjourn at 7:30 pm (1.5 hours)


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