“Happiness is the criterion of excellence in the art of living…”

Quotes: Erich Fromm in MAN FOR HIMSELF


On corners flying signs
summarizing life.

In alleys leaving yellow puddles,
eating dumpster food.

On the street at night
half alert
sleeping between cardboard,

Clothes and whatever,
pack, bag, shopping cart
maybe car or van,
…little money and no home.

Necessity pays attention,
sums experience,
wounds, breaks, destroys…
or creates

Couple performing in the street to get money for the orphan dog Street scene. Reading to a sidewalk audiencce.
Thinking street philosopher
Street philosopher outside looking in
Facial  close-up tomorrow will be different Facial  close-up music is always there Facial close-up " have a good day" Facial close-up anticipating another day on the street

Ingredients are simple,
understandable, enforced.
Recipe your choice.

share the collection and the collecting:

 Facial close-up of Dignity Villager pleased by success  Pensive contentment facial close-up
Facial close-up "past is not my present" Facial close-up life is not all bad Facial  close-up sharing secrets Facial close-up trying to figure things out
Facial close-up I should not be here but I am


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