Tonya’s tutorial for
itinerant literary learning:


“In the dumpster
I found a paperback called Thesaurus.
It had all these cool words:
nouns, adverbs, adjectives and verbs –
but no story.

“Cool words but no story…

“I did a story with my words
then changed my little words to big Thesaurus words.
It makes a story for Thesaurus.
“My story is “WTF?”

What The Fuck?

Existing along side contrasting cognition of the com-manage…
Discretionary adaptions that are contingent to environmental congruity
need to be contemplatively construed
to try and insinuate consequential amity
or conviction to conciliate conjuncture.

Might! Fatefully effectuate requital or
conceive fortuitous ambiguity.

Incensement led by addlepated conventions
will perpetually be chance.

If we conterchange this auspicious conundrum
with infallible tutelage
then will unascertained mentality enhance?

Might! It is then imperative to humanity’s contention
for enraptured pertinent existence.

We must ascend to be ascertainable.
…observance to convivial edification.

We must discombobulate the ascendancy of ‘precedent’.


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