Danish Masters Candidates

Discovering and documenting
from streets to sheets:
“…homeless people getting organized in housing.”
“…street peoples’ visions of home.”
“…the purpose of home.”


Ditte Schovenborg and Barbara Thybo,
anthropology master candidates
from the University of Copenhagen
are investigating, with due Danish diligence,
Dignity Village homes, hopes and life.

“.. our work in urban planning and ghetto housing,
our consulting work with government agencies,
our studies on Denmark’s domestic concerns
invite broad and specific understandings
of successes happening in Portland’s
Dignity Village and OVE in Eugene.”


Dog Dave in his tent
cocooned in a Dignity Village structure
“staying warmer.” A patient articulate thinker.
Childhood darkness, violence, foster homes, dropout
5th Grade, 40 years choosing sporadic homelessness.
“…at Dignity Village with a willingness to explore possibilities.”


For more on Dog Dave click here



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