A Solo Conversation

Early sunny morning
Ed G. volunteers a solo conversation.


“It’s not harmless
to not reason…

“People Just Cripple Their Way Through Life…


“…over inflate self-importance,
feel the need
to hide from themselves,
fail to adapt…
and hate us in the poor community
because we can adapt.

“Wear out your shoes
and then comes the truth.

“A rather long time ago
Darwin said, ”adapt or die.”

“The more you have the more you want
and you stay unhappy because
there’s always more to want.
Hobble hobble…hobble hobble.

“Cripple, cripple
go around in a circle

“People have their problems
religion integrates them into society.
Help is randomized.
Party too hard

Lose the job
Drain the wallet
Booze and drug crutches
spiral down into homelessness.

“Belief systems
come and go:
in good times – work,
in bad times, “No, not you.”

“Belief system
verbal weapons
tear into people
cripple their way through life
eventually crash and burn.

“Life does not inevitably bite you in the ass.”


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