I ask about Dignity Village.
Ptery’s words are schooled
and street-smart.

…but if…

“…if people can’t talk, they can’t think
about our economy, democracy, humanity.
I traveled among intentional communities
in Nevada, Oregon, in tent city Seattle.
I was allowed to listen.
I reached a lot of people.
A lot of people who don’t trust our society,
don’t trust its morals and the empowered.
I listened to discouragement.

“I don’t know.
There are lots of different minds,
lots to discover,
appreciate where they’re at.
There are lots of walls between people,
physical walls of abuse, of fighting,
of fairness, of money,
of screaming without listening.

“Look at the sky,
the generosity.
Sense the sharing,
Though “people” have gotten selfish,
encourage individuals.

“In concept, off-the-grid
may be the way to go.
Too much electricity enchants,
distracts from community awareness
of basic survival stuff:
shelter, food, water, caring, sharing, welcome.
In concept this might be the way to go
but our past has made many barriers.
And some don’t see opportunity,
while others won’t embrace change.

“I’m educating myself about activities
that are beneficial to the climate,
that work with nature.
I’m motivated
listening how we’re all connected.
Yet “they” aren’t with us
because “they” have a different point of view.

“I don’t know…
Influence comes a little at a time
and sometimes sideways,
by appreciating where people are at,
by encouraging individualism
and honoring what we don’t know.
There may not be magic,
but there is mystery.

“I’m not just in a holding pattern.
I’m learning.

“It’s hard to figure out
where leadership might come from.
Learn to inspire,
to understand (myself and others),
help restore the earth.



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