Security Log: May 2010

11 May 2010
It is Tuesday, 8 pm
Whitefoot and Tami are On Duty.


“Rounds made:
Tami reports there aren’t any
indications of physical violence
and/or any mental aberrations.
…it is literally unbelievably quiet
and I am utterly flabbergasted.
“…the Village
is relatively sedate and tranquil
so there’s nothing to expound upon.

“Heads is up for Martice.
Whitehead and Tami are OFF DUTY.”

15 May 2010. 6 am
It is Saturday.
Angela On Duty.


“…my philosophy on rumors
is that they’re not true
unless the person rumored
says they are.
I mean,
if someone really has to start a rumor,
they are sinking to the same grade school level.”

“The new extension cord
to the guard shack
needs to be lifted off the ground.”

6 pm
Mike M. and Mike C. On Duty.

“Back log read.
Would be nice if people acted
like they had some sense
when filling out the log –
it is an official document!”

25 May 2010. 8 am
It is Tuesday.
Tami and Whitefoot On Duty.


“Well a church group from Phoenix, AZ
came to the Village to see how we’ve managed
to function so long.
Whereas I’m completely flabbergasted and appalled
to hear that the ‘City of Phoenix’
is taking them to court for
‘assisting the less fortunate’.”

8:30 pm
“The Phoenix Church Group
is in the Commons entertaining the Villagers.
Tami reports that all’s quiet and peaceful.”

23 May 2010, 6 am
Sunday morning.
Angela On Duty.


“Back log read.
Whoever wrote the rude comment
over Thursday 5/20’s midnight log,
please stop it!
This book is a legal document,
not a grade school doodle pad
to call people names on.


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