Back Log Read (BLR)

“Paula and John on duty. First round done by John.
All is cool and OK. The berm check, cool, quiet and OK.”
John, an enthusiastic Street Roots vendor is proud of his
essay ‘Homelessness’ published in this week’s edition.

Wood stove and warming shelter at capacity.

Ten off-the-street guests in the Commons plus
Ishmael bedding in the greenhouse…COLD.


Justin and Sandora are guests in the Commons,
the Village cold weather ad hoc warming shelter.

Sandora is 8 months pregnant so no possibility
of Village membership.

No women with children,
no families.
Both collateral damage
of the‘no-background-check’ Village policy

Cast away.
Where to and how?
And the paroled, but maybe, sex offender,
the released, but maybe, predator,
each and every homeless
victims of themselves in Society.


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