It is Monday morning, 8 am.
Whitefoot “apparently on duty solo.”


“Well it’s high time for the dry season
and like the same as last year
in that the dust is blowing
from the compost piles.
Seems to irritate darn near everyone
breathing in Dignity Village.”

4:30 pm
Whitefoot ON DUTY.

“First rounds done.
Damn the wind
starting to pick up a click or two
and that equates
that more of the dust
will blow in our direction
from the compost piles.”

It is Wednesday, 4 pm
Whitefoot and Mary on duty.

“Damn the compost pile was churned up today
and that seems to release even more methane.
And I swear that when them people
turn the compost that my nose
runs even more that usual.
I guess that all’s well here ‘none the less’.”



Ex-Villager Ptery speaks:

“…being stuck out on a compost yard.
…the effects of these plumes
insulting and also the typical
social environmental injustice going on.

Pterys-garden_1“Dignity Village was started out
to claim a love for poor people,
also serving to make the street safer for all people.
What it got was stuck on a compost yard that stinks.

I mean I had to get it – It was not stinking porta-potties;
It was the compost yard.

“Villagers, victims of this economic system,
victims of child abuse, domestic abuse
and other harms
get this smell day in and day out.

“This is a difficult burden:
being conscious of how my city views its homeless.

“And the medical side of this situation
is the rise in asthma by folks in the Village.
Homeless – with asthma.”


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