It is early Saturday morning in Dignity Village. 4 am
“Martice on duty. Back log has been read.”

4:30 am
“Martice has done rounds.
It’s cold, brisk outside at this early morning hour.
Quiet now.
It’s been clear skies out
so today will be hot here.

“Our Village is our homeless-owned
and open to keep the hand’s up
to the others whom fairly want
none of the negative life styles
but positive goals for yourself
and be what your needing
as it will someday pay off.

“Self-Happiness Village is calm now.
Rounds all good this early morning.”

5:00 am
“Village moody and brittle as the breeze.
as the colors in our sunrise.”

5:45 am
“Heads up to this Saturday morning.”

6:00 am
“Martice off guard duty.”


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