Village Moments

16 March 2010. 8 pm
Whitefoot and Tami on duty.


“Damn what a tumultuous membership meeting.
None the less it was certainly
a disturbing set of controversial circumstances.
All is at least a semblance of peace and quiet –
be that a facade.”

11:30 pm
“It is unimaginably quiet out there
and quite frankly what a relief from the drama.”

11:32 pm
“Rounds completed.
Now it is starting to sprinkle.
Oh, well at least the Village is nice and quiet!!!”

8:20 pm
“Rounds made.
Not much going on
other than the Villagers milling about.
All is well though.”

9:26 pm
“Rounds completed.
The Village has calmed down considerably.
All is good.”

17 March 2010, 3 am
Tracey on duty.


“Did rounds.
‘K’ came into, at 3 am, gate
and me and Tracey told him he had to leave
because he couldn’t come into the Village at this hour.
He asked if he could see Savanna
and we told him he can’t at this time of morning.”

3:30 am
“‘K’ jumped fence
after he was told
not to come through the gate
and he also brought a bar with him to Savanna’s house
and she knows the rules as well, but she ignored them as well.”

4:30 am
“Rounds completed. No activity along fence line.
No problems.”


18 March 2010. 12:00 am
Ken 1 On Duty with Angela.


12:07 am
“Allen was told by Ken 1 to turn the music off
and go inside his structure.”

1:07 am
“Allen still outside his house cooking
and making noise.
Checked all around.
Shorty’s keeping eye out on back fence.”

1:32 am
“Allen and Brian now out on the porch
they are cooking
but finally keeping the noise level down.”

1:45 am
“All’s fine by Shorty.
Allen and Brian still out cooking
but keeping quiet.”

2:00 am
“Peeks done:
all quiet.
Angela Off Duty. Left.
Oreo here to help –
Oreo fell asleep – some help!
(FYI Oreo is a small b&w cat.)
The sky clear and star-filled.
Cold as blue.
All seems fine,
dark though.”

22 March 2010. 3:31 pm
Whitefoot On Duty.


“Rounds complete.
Living in the material world
all things must pass
and living in the Village is just as perplexing.
All is good though.”


Nick Fish Learns “Village”

Walk the dog, feed the cats, split the wood,
inventory donations, clean the shower,
mop the Commons, email, microwave, TV, video.
It’s “do the usual” coffee, cigarettes,
tobacco roll-your-own.
“Got a lighter?”
“Hey Security, I’m out of here.”
Tri-Met to part-time work or stand in line.

Homeless always flying a sign or stand in line,
voucher for disability, propane, dentist, food.


But for “want-to-know” Villagers
today is answers and questions.
Commissioner Nick Fish with Sally Erickson
and crew from Portland’s Housing Bureau
here for talking tour.

Village does the handshake welcome.
Nick leads with an anecdote about dropping
40 unwanted pounds. “I ate a lot of organic fruit.”

“Homeless can’t afford organic food”
snaps disabled, long-haul trucker Rocky.


Nick, “I ate a lot of vegetables.”

Rocky: “Homeless don’t have refrigeration.”

Talking and learning.with listening.
Understanding always good.
Appreciating face-to-face,
“I see what you hear,”
“Know what I mean?”

For more “Rocky”click here


Portland Mayor-elect Charlie Hales

It’s 3 pm Thursday,  November 13th, 2012.
Lee Larson, Dignity’s premier supporter has brought
Charlie Hales, Portland’s mayor-elect to the Village.
A concerned and articulate sampling of Villagers,
led by chairman Mitch creates a tour.
Comments, questions, talking, listening — mini-stories fly.
It’s an hour of give and take-away,
with a noticeable dollop of understanding.



Computer room @ Dignity Village

The computer room connects the Village to the world
as the world connects:

Brian K on Rock, Wood, and Metal

“I see a bunch of big rocks down by the river I could hammer on.”




A no-name kitten, hungry and abandoned
adopted Ruthie and JD and became Zimba.


Blond Wig for the Wedding

“I didn’t want everyone to recognize me and this was great fun…cool, huh.”


Dog Dave’s Dog Trailer


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