It is Friday, 8 am
Mike M is On Duty.


“When I arrived for my shift,
there was, and still is, a large spill of oil
flowing all over the tarmac,
mixed with the rainwater.
Appears to be coming from
a leak in Danny’s truck.
Shorty said he had informed Danny.
No sign of Danny as the oil continues to flow.”

10 am
Laura and Beckie On Duty.

“Lots of oil still on tarmac
running down front of Guard Shack
inside the Village…
It goes down the drain
and will piss the city off
when it messes up our Ph balance.”

2 pm
Jon Boy and Ruthie On Duty.

“Gypsy musicians have arrived:
let the music and dancing begin.
Rounds are good.
Music playing in Village.”


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