4th Saturday – Community Building Workshop

18 May 2013

Lee Larson with daughter Amy and Jan
offer a pair of off-site workshops:
Dignity Villagers scrutinizing Dignity Village.
The past examined, the future visitied
with games and laughter.
Question and answer conversations optimized.
Anticipation. Challenge. Curiosity. Opportunity.
…and a free lunch.
It is Saturday.


Heartfelt welcomes.
Lunch and expert encouragement

fuel Villagers crafting a Dignity Village
vision statement built upon Village values.

constant bickering, complaining,

not enough care for others,

ingratitude, corruption, dishonesty,

drugs and alcohol,

enforcing our five basic rules,

respecting our By-Laws,

more selective intake process,

keeping bills paid,


Solitary thought, one-on-one and group discussions wrest a menu of ingredients
that focus in response to the question,
“What is not working well
at Dignity Village now?

Answers come fast, loud and strong:

micro businesses not sufficient income
to pay expenses,

being drawn into conflicts,

limited economic outreach,

fear of outside help,

lack of knowledge of Village history,

not active in homeless community,

and, and, and

more committed to friends

than to Village, lack drive,

lack positive thinking,

praise, empathy, encouragement,

inability to compromise,

too much protocol –

not enough common sense,

no sweat equity system,

need chainsaw and firewood workers,

too complacent,

emotionally unsafe,

and, and, and

too much “friend factor” in violation decisions,

need the backbone to stand-up for what is right


the comments continue ten minutes past summary time.

The list is simplified, combined, and organized:

THE RULES following and enforcing

TEAMWORK cooperation, focus, follow through

LEADERSHIP participation in effective leadership

COMMITMENT accountability more working needed

UNITY loyalty respect appreciation, care for others

COMMUNICATION conflict resolution

FINANCES income dues micro businesses

ALIGNED VISION for village future

Take a break.
Toss in some fun ingredients,
an action game or two with purpose.
Focus group cooperation,
diversity of insights and outlooks,
problem-solving team-building,
one-on-one conversations and group discussions
now directed to “What works at Dignity Village?

…and the answer is:
Respect for self and others.
A safe and secure home.
Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Diverse people working together in community.
Outreach and inreach.
donations and revenue.

“Dignity Village Vision
built upon our values”

“Commitment to creating community
Effective communication, peacefully resolve our disputes
Maintain our health, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual
Teamwork, cooperation, getting priority work done
Leadership, structure, systems
Village liveability, maintain and beautify
Everyone must follow the same rules
Respect, appreciation, loyalty, unity
Caring for others, being family
Safety, security for people, resources, careful intake
Sustain the Village for now and all who follow
Revenue, creative micro businesses
Relationship to larger community, city”

Did history happen at the Marriott?
…in six productive hours?
…by forty-plus contributing Villagers?

Thanks Lee. See ya next Saturday at PDX Shilo.



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