Security Log: July 2010

Council Meeting called to order
at 6:02 pm.


Roll call taken and minutes for last meeting read.


JD: I am resigning as security coordinator, effective immediately, so that I can spend time with Ruthie before I leave for Colorado. (FYI JD works seasonally, haying on a ranch.) Dave S will be nominated to take my place while I am gone.

Jon Boy: We had a visit from the city fire marshal today, and he was not very pleased. He says that some porches need to either be moved or cut to 5 feet.

Sheri: He was mainly concerned about Rick’s and Ken S’s porches. Lisa C’s generator box needs to be moved from the back of her house. Everyone now has to buy their own smoke alarm batteries. The grass by the fence near the berm needs to be cut down. Propane takes need to be moved out of the sun. Rick and Ken S need to clean behind their houses. The cord powering my house needs to be raised. Any unused cords or cords with tape on them need to be removed.

The yard sale needs to be moved from the fence. All cords should be protected, and the fence needs to be cleared. Scott wants us to write up anyone who does not come into compliance.


One of our Tri-Met bus drivers stops by to announce that her black backpack was stolen from her bus sometime during her 4:00 run. The only two people she says that she dropped off here on that run were two women that got off at the village around 4:30, and she thinks that it may have been one of them. The video will be reviewed to find out for sure.

Randy (to the bus driver): When you find out, please bring the video to our attention so that we may act on it if it was one of our people. (The driver then thanks us and gets back on her bus.)


Reporting person Brad P,
subject Niki:
the IR has been dropped.

Niki: Sorry for keeping everybody awake that night!

Randy motions, Jon Boy seconds that we git along at 6:32 pm (0.5 hours).

25 July 2010. 6 am
It is Sunday morning.


“Angela and Ruth,
didn’t wake up Tracey;
he was to work this A.M.
Back log read.”

6:10 am
“The orange Port-a-let is still a biohazard zone –
has been since last night.
To whoever keeps having butt explosions, PLEASE

7:15 pm
Mike M on duty.

“Rounds all quiet.
To whoever keeps having
what Angela terms ‘butt explosions’
in the orange Port-a-let”
(See today’s log 6 am.)
“You are disgusting.
Throwing feces is behavior
for monkeys in a zoo,
not a community of civilized human beings.
Please grow up.”


“Not very much happening in the Village
at this particular moment.
Back log read.”

3 pm
“Addendum log entry;
I personally find the feces fiasco
more than disgusting.
It is a blatant disregard for other peoples’ personal well-being.”

3:31 pm
“Rounds are completed;
It’s been a rather pleasant day
considering my present set of circumstances.”



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