10° Fahrenheit

“Whitefoot and Tami on duty. BLR
Damn it’s going to be a real cold one tonight.
Brrrr. All appears to be in good order so far.”

“Rounds are fine but very chilly.”

“Rounds are in good form but
getting even colder.”


2:55 p.m. “My fearless head scout Tami reports
that it’s getting even colder by the minute.”

3:00 p.m. “Rounds are A-OK and Thomas reports
that the coyotes are getting precariously close
to the front gate (sly devils).”

*** 3:05 p.m. “supplemental log entry:
The sink faucet, shower and
the utility faucet are on drip mode.
“Beware it’s beginning to ice up.”

3:32 p.m. “Rounds are completed. It’s cold,
but in good order.”

3:45 p.m. “No heads up needed for Chris.”

4:00 p.m. “Whitefoot and Tami are off duty.”

7:05 a.m. ”It seems that last night
Villagers found a bag of suspicious looking substance
in one of the portolets. Hard knowing where it came from.
Other than that all’s well.”

“Ambulance for warming shelter guest to hospital (Emanuel).”


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