Dave S baits with words,
casts for conversation.
Coffee and cigarettes
untangle his thoughts
and the rant comes on strong.


“Few Fry Fish, Most Suck Bones”

“As a culture
we’ve screwed-up priorities.
We sell our personal
and community responsibilities
and buy corporate ‘financial securities.’



“We many are here
because of personal mismanagement.
because of corporate mismanagement.

“Isn’t our primary mission
to take care of the planet?
…and mankind?
…and how about the children
we didn’t invest in?

“Humanity requires Nature.
Productivity requires natural resources.
“Doesn’t continuity depend on successful balance?
… passing on our genes mindfully?
…empathy, compassion?
…appreciation of all life?
And doesn’t happiness involve community?
…a real sense of purpose?
…thoughtful activity?

“With joy and spirit in our hearts”
Invest in children
before they acquire a bunch of dead things,
before tragedy strikes.
“Build with them a shared vision
of welcome, of home, of love and safety
so they survive though civilization may struggle.”

“Been there, seen  that,
want to help build the new.”

A fresh voice commingles the catch.
The bait has been taken.
Dave lands a  conversation:

“People want to belong
but they just keep pushing each other away.
It’s a broken society when many people
just spin around external gratifications.
…and the World is too small
to go on its trip divided.”

“But until we each do fairness
greed will divide.
If them’s who grabs, gets,
few will fry fish
and many will boil bones.”


“How about an outreach
for people to live in villages?
…to learn ‘trustworthy’?
…a sense of self?”

“Why not give workshops?
‘How people live in villages’.
‘How people learn ‘trustworthy’.”


“Teach by example…”

“Workshops could be
another Village microbusiness.”

“…more may fry fish
and fewer will suck bones.”


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