Confrontation at Portland City Hall

United Nation’s Human Rights Day, 10 Dec. 2012.
Homeless and advocates for “Right 2 Dream Too”
(a homeless-run tent shelter at 4th and Burnside)
fly signs and Mama Chewy powers up her bullhorn at City Hall seeking resolution of the legal standoff
between City and their tent shelters’ X-rated landowner Michael Wright and attorney Mark Kramer.

“Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!” “Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!”

“…we’re not here to just put noise in their ears.”

A group within this scheduled event
enters the outer lobby; a few request an audience, five demand entry.

City Hall Security Guards deny entry, respond physically, violently.
Guards pushing, shoving, shouting, wedging doors.
Citizens restrained in the front lobby begin to chant.

“Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!” “Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!”

“Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!” “Whose City Hall?” “Our City Hall!”

Five elude guards and hand-deliver written words upstairs

The City of Portland understands productivity,
and no answer is not an answer;
nor lack of resolve, resolution.

FYI  For fourteen months Right 2 Dream Too has maintained an “emergency  rest area” for dozens of house-less people at zero cost to the City. Response to R2DToo’s social service activity by Portland’s Bureau of Development Services is “recreational camping ordinance violations” $1,500/month fines on the landowners. Yes, of course, stories behind stories behind stories for courts and politicians to mull. Penny-heavy lawyers partaking the mull. Yes, of course.

Group organizer Lisa Fay asks, “Why is the City fining our successful project that provides shelter, is cost-effective, democratic, and builds community? R2DToo should be replicated, not fined. Today we will announce a new level of fightback against the City’s unjust policies.”
…and they did.

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