It is Wednesday, 5 pm
Sheri on duty



5:50 pm
“Fred not responding.
Will not wake up.
Calling 911.
Ambulance is here.
Fred passed away.”

6:08 pm
“Police here.”

6:14 pm
“Ambulance left Village.”

6:30 pm
“2 units still here waiting on coriner.”

6:56 pm
“Coriner arived. Steve O walked her inn.”

7:01 pm
“Fred in van.”

7:03 pm
“Walk around – all’s well.”

7:10 pm
“Fred has left the Village.
Coriner has left.
God speed Fred”

7:15 pm
“Fred’s house locked
No one to enter without JD’s permison.
Cops out of Village.”

8:00 pm
Dave Samson and Chris F on duty.

9:00 pm
“All but 1 candle on table outside Commons
is out.
Leave last candle lit all night.”

10:00 pm
Will and TJ on duty.

10:01 pm
“Informed that 1 candle will remain lit in front of Commons
in memorium of Fred, God speed.
Fred we miss you already.”


8 am.
Bubbles on duty.

8:20 am
“Fred and I did a round.
All is well, but we still miss him.
Blew out the candles so they could burn another night.”

8:50 am
“Fred and I did another round.
He walked along beside me sipping his coffee
and all is well. We’re both in high spirits
and all remains well.”


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