3rd Saturday – Dalai Lama

11 May 2013

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Environmental Summit
is hosted by Mitripa College.
The Larson Legacy made bus fare, lunch and tickets
to the Dalai Lama’s public presentations
available to Villagers.
It is Saturday.


A handful of Villagers
board the 8:45 Tri-Met
arriving Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum
to join the pre-conference confusion
and enthusiasm.


Connecting between science and faith
are concerned citizens, environmentalists
journalists, and Buddhists of several flavors,
perhaps 11,000 in total, including 11 Villages.

The Dalai Lama was welcomed,
and welcoming.

“Brothers and sisters,
from our inner garden to the Universe
happy experience is the basis for Unity.
A habit of happiness….love toward all of Creation.

“Tibet is a culture of compassion.

“Compassion, that sense of concern for others
comes not necessarily from a religious person,
you will find the same qualities in all people.
The same opportunity to produce something wonderful.

”Loving kindness is the way for others to be happy.
What we want is unbiased love.
What we want is unbiased compassion.
Increase and nurture these basic values.”

“Unity through kindness”

It is classic Dalai Lama
as are the concerns:

“Nothing easy. Must be some moderation.
We are a social animal.
All neighbors come together,
smile and nice words but inside not happy.
To get happy physically
you must get happy mind.
Ruling class too much exploitation.
So therefor, anger out of a sense of concern.

“A sense of strong self
shows willpower, is very positive.
Worldwide scale must start with individuals.
Individual awareness of ecology,
lots of education.
Combination of desire and compassion
comes from biological factor
we do as individuals.

“So I am always mentioning
mental, emotional, physical
we are the same.
The potential I have,
and also use that potential,
you also have same potential
and now you must realize that potential,
and utilize that potential
as much as you can.
Then you will be happy person.

“Don’t use all your potential
for dollar, dollar, dollar.
Think about more of inner value.”



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